Michael Martineau and Mark Douglas welcome you to our new blog – eHealth Musings.  We both worked together for serveral years as part of the eHealth team at a small Canadian market research firm.   Our work including assembling an annual assessment of the state of eHealth in Canada and numerous consulting engagements for various eHealth vendors.   Quite often, when either of us came across a news items or some new piece information, we would share it with the other one and discuss (quite often argue, Mark will tell you) the relevance and meaning of the information.  These discussions frequently resulted in observations that found their way, in some form, into our presentations and reports.

Although we have both moved on work at other organizations, we stay in touch and continue to track the eHealth market. We had always talked about finding a way to share our observations with a larger audience audience.  During a recent phone call to discuss (argue about) yet another news items, we decided it was time to publish our discussions in a blog and see if we could perhaps engage others in our debates.  The eHealth Musings blog is our attempt at sparking some debate our current events in the eHealth market.  Feel free to join us as we discuss the import of various eHealth related announcements from vendors, healthcare provideres, and government agencies.

Michael Martineau & Mark Douglas

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