CHI money and the impact on non-certified vendors

All of the recent posts have gotten me thinking about how the CHI spending may have an another impact on vendors, especially those who are not certified/conformance tested in a province.

One of the two main EMR go to market models in the past few years has been do I get certified or not. Getting certified is costly, time consuming and a great distraction to many of the small vendors who have limited time, money and staff to undergo this process. Even if you get certified it is a license to hunt and you can lose this license a year later if the RFP is re-opened. The other viable option has always been to skip certification and sell direct. One of the big challenges with this model has always been the market perception on cost. If you are certified the province picks up 75% of the cost of your software license…not a bad differentiator.

The issue to date for docs has been one of qualifying. Many of these provinical certification/conformance testing programs do not have enough money from their bosses to implement EMRs for all of the docs in their province. Therefore it is not suprising that qualification for a doc is one thing, but actually getting the money to buy the system is a situation of artificial scarcity. It is also not surprising to see a difference in funded systems between GPs and Specialists. GPs represent 50% of the market and require a much more consolidated set of requirements, creating a situation for the certification/conformance tested bodies to get more “bang for their buck” if they push more funding to this single group. Where does this leave the multitude of specialists, all with different requirements?

If in fact CHI does push a large amount of money out to the provinces, who in turn only fund their own “certified/conformance tested” vendors where does this leave all of the other vendors who choose to skip certification? I know my initial reaction was they are SOL, but this situation is not as simple as it looks nor is it static as many would like it to be. What does anyone else think?


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