eHealth Ontario article in The Star

I was just reading the article posted by Acumeme on his EHR blog, about a story in The Star concerning eHealth Ontario. Although The Star article is way too one sided for my tastes, it does raise some interesting points. In particular it is interesting to see how eHealth is portrayed to the average Joe on the street. I would argue that SSHA was not a complete waste of money as suggested by the original article, but they sure had challenges in communicating their “value” to the average person. I am very biased about the value of investing in eHealth technologies, but maybe we all could do a better job in clearly communicating to the average Joe about the value of investing in these kinds of technology.

What does everyone else think about the article?


2 responses to “eHealth Ontario article in The Star

  1. I read the article also and had the same reaction. SSHA was not a failure, despite its issues. The mandate referenced in the article does not correspond to my recollection of their mandate on initiation. SSHA was successful in providing the basic infrastructure and now we need to take it to the next level and evolve its mandate. I see evolution of mandate as a normal and healthy progression. This article was pure political posturing to me and left me wondering … on whose part?

  2. I agree with Cindy, though, to be fair to the Star article, SSHA did have its teething problems and there is likely some substance to the claims that the $’s spent to date could have been spent more effectively. That said, rolling out the network infrastructure and data centres on the scale conceived of by the Ministry of Health is a challenging task, particularly for a brand new organization like SSHA was at the time.

    I also think that Mark makes a good point regarding communication with general public. I contend that few if any of the eHealth organizations in Canada do a good job of informing the public and engaging all stakeholders. $’s spent on eHealth are an investment and it is important that all stakeholders, particularly the taxpaying public, fully understand the risks and rewards of the eHealth investments that governments, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations are making.


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