You can lead a horse to water …

At  the risk of looking like I am saying that doctors are like horses, I was reminded of the old saying “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink” when I read the following article:

This article references a study funded the B.C. Physician Information Technology Office (PITO).  This study found that “although the majority of users described a successful EMR implementation, optimal use of EMR functions that would be expected to produce evidence-based benefits and practice quality improvement were not seen in this study. There was no correlation of increasing optimal EMR use with the length of time since implementation.”  This observation is particular concerning given the author’s statement that “there is ample evidence showing meaningful returns on investment for doctors once they, as the saying goes, take it to the next level”.

So, the obvious question, what does it take for physicians to take EMRs “to the next level”?


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