TELUS Health Space, powered by Microsoft HealthVault

I was reading a very recent press release from TELUS and their latest move (with MSFT) into the consumer eHealth market. What I found interesting from the article is that “TELUS is granted the exclusive license to host and operate the Healthvault platform for the development of a consumer-focused e-health service in Canada“. The article then goes on to explain that Canadians will be able to manage and store personal health info, and offer access to applications such as:

  • personal health record
  • chronic disease management
  • pediatric care
  • wellness products

Not surprisingly it appears that MSFT will provide the technology and the branded TELUS Health Space will act as the operator and securely host the infrastructure and health data. The service is going to be made available to the government and healthcare providers, who will then be encouraged to offer this to patients.

A very interesting model. What does anyone think? Is this a good thing for the consumer and all the other stakeholders involved?



3 responses to “TELUS Health Space, powered by Microsoft HealthVault

  1. First of all, let me say “I told you so” 🙂 I have been predicting Healthvault’s arrival in Canada and I think that this annoucement is just the first of many Healthvault related announcements. I now predict that we will see at least one annoucement before the end of the year regarding an Infoway funded consumer eHealth application. Not sure if it will be at the local, regional or provincial level but my gut feeling says it will be a provincial initiative.

    I think that the Telus / Microsoft partnership is a brilliant move by Telus. While it may be a while before we see large scale deployment of Healthvault-based applications, Telus has clearly positioned itself as a leader in the consumer eHealth space in Canada. This move takes direct aim at Bell Canada and Rogers who now have to scramble just to keep up.

    I wonder whether we will see any further annoucements regarding the Telus / Microsoft partnership at the eHealth conference in Quebec City in June. It would be a great venue for Infoway to annouce funding of a conumser eHealth project. What do you think, Mark? What will happen next? What type of Healthvault-enabled applications do you think that we will see in Canada?


  2. Predicting the arrival of Healthvault in the Canadian market is like predicting rain in Vancouver, not terribly hard. 🙂

    I’m not sure that CHI will be “funding” any consumer eHealth application. I thought they were going to certify platforms and applications, and not necessarily fund the deployment. That being said, the TELUS announcement is wonderful FUD against their competitors. TELUS has now frozen their competitors for a number of months with this public announcement. If you dig at the press release there does not appear to be great deal of product specific detail (ie features, pricing, model, etc). TELUS will have to deliver at least one application fairly soon if they are going to maintain their market momentum.

    As for their first product, that is a great question. They mention personal health record, chronic disease management, pediatric care and wellness products in the release. If I were going to go direct or partner with someone to bring the first product out, it would likely be in the Chronic Disease Management area. I would pick this category because this has the attention of the CIOs, and due to the highly engaged nature of the patient population, would be most likely to succeed in the short term. If I were TELUS I would rather show a quick easy win that demonstrates the viability of the platform and strategy, instead of going for the “gee whiz” factor of something too cutting edge.


  3. Hey, easy to say now that the announcement seems obvious. Seems to me that you didn’t seem so sure even a few months ago 🙂

    My understanding is that consumer eHealth is on Infoway’s agenda. As with other projects, Infoway won’t fund a con.sumer eHealth application directly. Rather, I think that they will fund a provincial or regional consumer eHealth initiative that uses Healthvault as a personal health information repository.


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