US Healthcare industry offers to save $2 Trillion dollars

The headline of this story is just unbelievable…2 Trillion dollars is an unfathomable amount of money.

Once you read the fine print in the story two things become clear to me:

  1. Industry types (health insurers, hospitals, doctors, drug makers and a major labor union) offer to help Obama save 2 Trillion over 10 years in incremental cost increases. Thanks for only kinda ripping off the market instead of totally ripping off the market. I’ve heard better offers from school yard bullies who only took my lunch money instead of beating me up and taking my lunch money.
  2. These savings are being proposed to keep Obama and Co from extending Medicare to the 50M uninsured Americans. A noble thought, but will an extension of the current private/public model really cost effectively deliver care to the 50M Americans that no one wanted to insure in the first place? I like a shared private/public model, but I’m not sure that extending the current US system is really the answer to the uninsured.

Whatever is decided by our cousins to the South, I just hope they get it right. Considering the growing national debt, its not like the US can afford to try this reform more than once.


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