eHealth 2009

It has been a little while since Mark and I last posted.  One of the challenges of having a “day job” when you publish a blog is balancing the various demands on your time with making time for regular blog posts.  One of the activities keeping us both busy at the moment  is getting ready for the annual eHealth conference hosted by the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) and COACH, Canada’s health informatics association.  Both Mark and I will be attending and we anticipate that there will be several noteworthy announcements at the conference on which we can offer comments and background information. 

Will you be attending the eHealth conference?  If so, please take a few minutes to post your observations and join us in our analysis of annoucements and presentations at the confernece.  I’m very interested to see how Telus will promote their recent Healthvault announcement and whether vendors will unveil their plans for Healthvault-enabled applications.  Personal eHealth is getting considerable attention in various jurisdictions across the country and I hope to learn more about personal eHealth will move into the mainstream of Canadian eHealth.

I am also looking forward to the “Great Debate”, an perennial favourite at the eHealth conference.  Has anybody heard what topic will be debated this year?

Mark, how about you?  What do you think will be the big news at eHealth?  Are there any sessions that you plan to attend?


2 responses to “eHealth 2009

  1. Mike thanks for the post. You are right to point out the joys of blogging and a day job. I just wish there were more hours in the day.

    I must admit the eHealth show is one of my favourite times of the year. You can do 2 months of business development in 2 days time. Every year I build a meeting/events schedule and every year I seem to have even less “free time” at the show. This year is no exception. I plan on attending some of the Physician It centric presentations as part of my day job, but what really gets excited is always the unexpected conversations. You get the most interesting conversations when you can just gossip with someone you just met while waiting in line for coffee or a presentation.

    My goal at eHealth is always the same, meet interesting people and find out what new things/ideas are being dreamed up. As my very first boss in Sales always said, “Two ears and one mouth, use them in the same ratio”. I look forward to less talking and more learning at the show.

  2. A major topic this year at the show was not one on the formal agenda. Nearly everyone with whom I spoke had something to say about the current situation at eHealth Ontario. While there various opinions expressed about the allegations made in the press, there was universal agreement that the media attention will likely have a chilling effect on the Ontario eHealth agenda and will probably significantly slow progress on many provincial eHealth initiatives.

    What are your thoughts on this matter?


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