More eHealth Ontario Fallout

I heard from a trusted source that more consultants have been let go.  The latest are the two consultants who have made the news recently – Strating and Merali.  Both were apparently dismissed today.  Who will be left to execute the Ontario eHealth strategy?


3 responses to “More eHealth Ontario Fallout

  1. Hi Mike,

    Maybe we could find 10 GTA-Based staffers that could do the job at $150,000 each? As taxpayers we would be still saving money on not having to pay for all the travel and accommodation.

    Just a thought.


  2. Greg,

    Some interesting thoughts. I agree with part of your statement, they need staffers and not consultants. The problem now is going to be getting enough talented folks with some domain knowledge who will actually work for eHealth Ontario. As far as senior leadership who can actually effect change (without political fallout) is rather thin. Those who meet the qualifications are likely already employed and would have to be very brave to risk their career in such a move.

    I have privately argued with Mike and others in bringing in a non-healthcare executive who is widely respected by the Canadian public. This is not a healthcare problem, but is one of public trust and communication. My first choice would be a guy like Rick Hillier, assuming he has any interest in the role. He has the respect of Canadians, is great at communicating and has a spotless reputation for honesty and integrity. Assuming they clean house, I say give the man the job.

    Note – I must also admit I have mixed feelings about discussing a replacement for someone who is still the leader of an organization. By all accounts she is very good at portions of her job, but is obviously ineffective at dealing with public perception and communication.


  3. Well said Mark.

    The right mix of skilled people will be hard to achieve. Many in our Industry have extensive eHealth experience, but possibly little Public Service Management experience. I would certainly fall into that group, and ‘outsiders’ like these can be seen as a potential problem for those already running these Public Agencies.

    This will be a very fine line to walk going forward for sure.

    On the ‘replacements’ point, I was referring to the two Alberta Consultants who have since been removed from the eHealth roster. I don’t wish to get ahead of myself here either.


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