Alan Hudson is gone from eHealth Ontario

An article from the Toronto Star has details.

This is not surprising, although I would have thought he had a couple more weeks at the helm. What is going to be the fallout?


2 responses to “Alan Hudson is gone from eHealth Ontario

  1. I was pleased to see expressions of concern regarding the possible derailing of the eHealth agenda in the follwing Globe and Mail article:

    The article focuses on what I feel are important issues to consider in the debate regarding spending irregularities:

    “He [Alan Hudson] made a very conscious choice that said: ‘I’m now in a position where the debate has moved off why we need an electronic health record to improve patient care and onto an unhelpful dialogue. And in the interests of patient care, I’m getting out of the way,’ ” said Dr. Smith, who spoke with Dr. Hudson yesterday.

    “With Dr. Hudson gone, there are worries that the goal of providing province-wide electronic health records – which were, ideally, to be available for every Ontarian by 2015 – may not be achievable until much later.”

    Rachel Bard, CEO of the Canadian Nurses Association, said she hopes this is only a temporary setback.

    “Let’s learn from it, and, I would think, put the right accountability measures in place,” Ms. Bard said. “I think it’s the right thing to do [electronic health records] if we want to sustain and maintain the publicly funded system.”

    I concur with the sentiment expressed in these quotes. As I have said many times in the past few weeks, let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water as we discuss the systematic changes required to address the spending irregularities.


  2. Hi Fellows,

    Early fallout?

    I have been observing the hiring practices and job postings for a number of the Ontario players (Consulting, Recruiting, Private and Public Entities) since last December. It is clear to me now that there was an early chill in December and by February a number of incumbent parties of all stripes were unsure what way the wind was to blow next.

    This latest round of fallout at eHealth has prompted CCO to recall and ‘downgrade’ positions (same responsibilities, lower payscale) already posted, and also to begin to put the MOH in charge of some of the HR work CCO was doing on behalf of eHealth.

    It will be some time before the dust settles and a stable direction, and transparent process is found to move on some of the required issues.

    We may just be at ‘the end of the beginning…’


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