Mobile eHealth applications

As Mark can readily attest, I have been a vocal proponent of what I refer to as “Personal eHealth” applications.  Since there is no more personal IT device than a mobile phone, I was intrigued to find that there many eHealth applications on the Apple App Store.  Check out:

Mark, what do you think of the $139 EMR application for physicians?



One response to “Mobile eHealth applications

  1. I have been following some of the healthcare apps, both on the RIM and the Apple devices. To date few of them have made me say “Wow that is a game changer”. They all seem to be doing periphery healthcare functions that are nice to have, but not need to have.

    As far as a $139 EMR app, this is a good thing. There will always be a market for low-priced options. Just look at all the open source EMR options out there. What I would find interesting is how many doctors want a $139 Mobile phone based app and how many want a more traditional support relationship with a vendor?


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