New Leadership at eHealth Ontario?

It is apparently no secret that Ron Sapsford, interim President and CEO at eHealth Ontario, is looking for an interim President and CEO.  Seems Mr. Sapsford already has a day job as Deputy Minister 🙂  Couple of rumors that I have heard in the past week regarding a possible interim President and CEO:

– Adalsteinn Brown, currently Assistant Deputy Ministry, Health System Strategy Division, is being considered for the role.

– An executive search firm has been engaged and is considering US candidates for the position.

I have also heard that there are still many Freedom of Information (FOI) requests being served or in the process of being actioned.  It appears that may yet be more stories in the media with regard to spending at eHealth Ontario and perhaps some of the organizations with whom some of the main players have been associated.  If such is the case, having an interim President and CEO in place who can speak on behalf of the agency, its mission, its accomplishments, and any changes as to how funds are spent will be of considerable value to agency and the Ontario eHealth agenda.


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