eHealth Ontario Fallout

When Premier McGuinty announced Dr. Alan Hudson’s resignation in June he also announced that new procurement rules for consulting services would be put in place.  These changes were announced late last week; details can be found at:

Notable highlights of this announcement include:

– The new consulting rules apply to all ministries and their agencies

– Consultants can no longer bill for hospitality, food expenses or incidental cost.

– Consultants can bill for transportation and accommodation expenses related to their assignment.  However, these expense must be pre-approved.

– A competitive process must be followed no matter the $ value of the procurement except in special circumstances, with Ministerial approval.  In the case of agencies such as eHealth Ontario, these special circumstance include:

– unforeseen urgency

– confidential/privileged nature

– security/protection of human, animal, or plant life or health

– absence of any bids in response to open tendering process

– where only one supplier is able to meet requirements in certain circumstances such as compatibility with existing products or where supply is controlled by statutory monopoly.

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