Hail to the (eHealth Ontario) Chief?

According to the eHealth Ontario website:


Robert Devitt, President and CEO at Toronto East General Hospital, has been appointed as the Interim CEO.  His term will end 31 December 2009 by which time the board is expected to appoint a permanent CEO.  Mr. Devitt was once appointed as supervisor at the Scarborough Hospital and appears to be playing a similar role at eHealth Ontario.

The composition of the rest of the senior leadership team is unclear.   For the past few weeks the Senior Leadership page on the eHealth Ontario web site has had an “under construction” notice. Sometime in the past few days this entire page has disappeared.  I have heard that a COO and several VPs have been seconded from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care but I have not yet seen any names.  Can anyone shed some light on the eHealth Ontario organization structure?


P.S. Mark is on vacation for the next two weeks and won’t likely be posting.  Anyone care to step up and offer some opinions and comments in Mark’s place?

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