“eHealth” = scandal in the dictionary

I will keep this post short and too the point…is it me or is the very title of this article called “Unlike in eHealth scandal, no payoff for lottery executive” implying that very term “eHealth” is now the gold standard for a Canadian scandal?


2 responses to ““eHealth” = scandal in the dictionary

  1. One of my biggest concerns is that no one is stepping up to speak to the benefits of eHealth and that consequently, the word eHealth is quickly becoming synonymous with “boondoggle”. Who, Mark, in your view, would have sufficient credibility to speak out on behalf of eHealth?


  2. Good question….hmmmm let me see….hmmmmm. I’m having some problems thinking of anyone who has national credibility, great communication skill,s profile and public trust.

    It cannot be anyone in the “old boy’s club’, so it would have to either be an outsider or a doctor. The only people I can think of are Rick Hillier or David Suzuki, but neither have the knowledge/interest in eHealth.

    Am I out to lunch on this one?

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