Infoway funding postponed

The government of Canada yesterday released its third report to Canadians on Canada’s economic action plan.  This report states that:

“As part of the Action Plan, the Government announced an investment
of $500 million in Canada Health Infoway. Due diligence on this project
will not be completed prior to the start of Dscal year 2010–11. The
Government will continue to work with Canada Health Infoway
to complete the due diligence process before next steps.”

So, looks like Infoway will not receive any additional funding until at least the spring of next year.  Both the CMA and the first ministers of health have both lobbied the federal government to release these funds to Infoway sooner rather than later.


2 responses to “Infoway funding postponed

  1. Very interesting news Mike, but I can’t say I’m surprised at this. I’ve been waiting forever to see the impact of the funding, and nothing was happening.

    It will be interesting to see if the money flows April 1, or if this gets lost in the mix.


  2. As a follow up, I noted in the Ontario AG’s report on eHealth Ontario that

    “The federal Auditor General anticipates tabling her report, which may include observations from the various provincial reports, in Parliament in spring 2010”

    This timing seems to coincide with the end of the due diligence processed mentioned in the latest economic update on the stimulus package.


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