AG Report about eHealth Ontario

The report is now available, and I can’t say much of it is a surprise. Most of the pertinent details have been covered over the summer. For a good article on the findings click on this link–ehealth-squandered-1b-auditor-says

The big question for me is now what? What is the go forward plan for Ontario and who is going to deliver on it?

The other elephant in the room is will there be continued investment in eHealth or is this political suicide for Provincial/Federal governments?


One response to “AG Report about eHealth Ontario

  1. The AG’s report praised the eHealth Ontario strategy and really only criticized procurement practices and governance. Indeed, the AG made it clear that eHealth investments can have a positive payoff. Hence, I think that while we may see a slowdown in the short term while the government / eHealth Ontario regroups, I think that there is sufficient belief in eHealth as a concept that investments will continue.

    I do think that a few more heads will need to roll out before we see the opposition attack subside. I have also heard rumours of legal challenges / lawsuits. I believe that we are nearing the end of opposition attacks and that the “worst” of it has passed.


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