ITAC Steps Up for eHealth

I have been waiting for someone to step forward and speak on behalf of eHealth. In the swirl of negative news today, I was pleased to see the following op-ed piece in the Toronto Star written by Bernard Courtois, President and CEO of ITAC:

Two comments resonated with me in particular:

“For many years the barrier to this embrace had been the lack of a coherent e-health strategy in Canada’s largest province. But we do finally have a strategy for Ontario that is widely regarded as one of the best in the country.”

“We simply cannot allow the fallout from what is essentially an administrative problem to stall the progress urgently needed to complete the province’s e-health systems.”

Thanks, Bernard!


One response to “ITAC Steps Up for eHealth

  1. Further to this blog post, it seems that the Auditor General agrees with the assessment that eHealth is a “very worthwhile endeavour”.

    In this same article, the AG also expressed his concerns that bureaucratic fears and overly restrictive procurement practices “might impact basically business managers making the right decisions.” He adds “So it would be hoped that common sense would prevail”.

    Let’s hope that common sense will prevail and that we get on with the task of putting in place eHealth infrastructure and applications that support the delivery of enhanced healthcare services in a sustainable manner.


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