eHealth Board Chair Apologizes

The eHealth Ontairo Chair, Rita Burak, and Interim CEO, Rob Devitt, appeared today before the Standing Committee on Public Accounts. Ms. Burak’s opening remarks can be found at:

Of particular note, Ms. Burak apologized for untendered contracts, “The very serious issue of untendered consulting contracts at eHealth Ontario has unfortunately taken focus away from the important issue of patient care and progress toward an electronic health record. It has also undermined the public’s confidence in the agency. For this I believe the people of the province are owed an apology.”

I concur with Ms. Burak’s assessment that the issue of untendered consulting contracts have seriously detracted attention from moving the eHealth agenda forward. I encourage Ms. Burak, the eHealth Ontario board and eHealth Ontario executives to take proactive steps to keep the public informed as to progress against stated objectives and generally be as transparent as possible about how things are being done.


2 responses to “eHealth Board Chair Apologizes

  1. I suppose it had to be done, but I find the whole thing rather disingenuous. Ms. Burak is doing the right thing, and goodness knows the public deserves an apology on the whole mess. Is Ms. Burak the right person to make the apology. Unfortunately the people who made the mess, or let it happen on their watch should be doing the public mea culpa. I’m looking at Smitherman/Caplan, McGuinty, Kramer and Hudson.


  2. I believe that Ms. Burak is absolutely the right person to offer the apology. She is the person who has to make things right and I believe that in order to make meaningful changes she has to start with an admission of what she feels was done wrong. Having made this apology on behalf of the board and the executive team, I say let the matter drop and lets get on with the business of executing on the approved strategy.


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