Waiting for the Infoway Audit Results

Ever since the eHealth Ontario scandal broke in mid-2009, the question I keep getting asked is “What about Infoway? Is there a scandal within this organization?” To date it has undergone quite a few audits, and has had few (if any issues) come up. On Nov 3rd, a larger report from the AG Sheila Fraser will give us some answers.

If you believe half the press or bloggers out there, things will not go well for them. I believe this general public mood has been directly created by the eHealth Ontario scandal. The public is not in a good mood about all things eHealth, and will not be happy about the perceived progress/value for money to date. Infoway set the target of 50% automation of health records by 2010, and by their own admission have only reached 17% automation…all at a cost of nearly $2B. Infoway has a public perception credibility gap of their own creation.

Some of the questions I am asking myself is:

  • Should the Feds fund some or none of the $500M by next April?
  • If 50% by 2010 was not realistic, then what is the next target? How do get to this target, and how do you measure it?
  • What reforms (if any) are going to be suggested by the AG?
  • If Infoway gets thrown under the bus, how else do we move the larger eHealth agenda forward?

I guess I will have to sit and wait just like everyone else to see the results from the AG report.


2 responses to “Waiting for the Infoway Audit Results

  1. I have been tracking eHealth developments in the US as well as in Canada. I can’t get over the difference in views on eHealth and the associated levels of excitement in both countries. Not a day goes by when I don’t see an optimistic article about various eHealth initiatives in the US. In contrast, eHealth seems to be a dirty word in Canada, one that opposition parties and the media use as a stick with which to beat the party in power.

    Personally, I’m getting tired of the partisan politics surrounding eHealth. What we are trying to do isn’t easy and will have its fair share of failures. It is simply unreasonable to expect every eHealth project to be an unqualified success. It doesn’t happen with IT projects in other industries and we shouldn’t expect any different with IT projects in the health sector.


  2. Agreed.

    No matter how strong/tepid the AG results; the press is going to try and make CHI look bad. Maybe they deserve to look bad, and maybe they don’t but the real issue is how will this affect the efforts being expended on automating health records in Canada. CHI is one of the most influential pieces of the effort, but lets not forget the hundreds of CIOs, doctors, nurses, etc who are also trying to push the eHealth agenda forward.


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