New OntarioMD funding announced

Well, finally some good news for eHealth in Ontario:

Although long anticipated, new funding for physician office EMRs is an important component of the Ontario eHealth strategy. With all the talk about budget cuts and the delays to Infoway funding, I am very pleased to see the Ontario government commit to getting family physicians on-line. Given that nearly 80% of all healthcare interactions take place with a family physician, getting the health records associated with these visits in electronic form is a critically important step.


2 responses to “New OntarioMD funding announced

  1. As a follow up to yesterday’s post there is an article in today’s Toronto Star raising some concerns about the OntarioMD funding.—236m-went-into-ehealth-amid-scandal?bn=1

    Once again, I raise my concern that we (meaning all of us working hard to make eHealth a reality) are not doing enough to promote the need for and the benefits of eHealth.


  2. I am starting to get the feeling that anything with the term eHealth attached to it will get hammered by the press. One could argue that the press does not “get it”, but I would argue that the value of eHealth is not being conveyed to the press or the public in terms they understand.

    Reminds me of the famous line in the film Cool Hand Luke…”What we got here is a failure to communicate”


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