Infoway audit results


The results are in and it looks like Infoway got a passing grade from the AG. It is interesting to see the scope (focused on only the 5 core EHR blueprint components) and results from the report. I’m glad there is no lurking scandal that would derail wider support for eHealth in Canada, but I’m a little disappointed on the limited scope of the audit. If you are going to give CHI a passing grade, their credibility would be greatly enhanced if this also focused on all their net new initiatives (ie Consumer, EMR, etc).

The elephant in the room for me (to get to a higher level of automation) is still on radically increasing EMR adoption and real use by Canadian physicians. If 80% of the interaction for Canadians is with their physician, then how is CHI doing in regards to this effort? I realize that CHI have only recently starting focusing on this segment, and some would argue that it is too soon for the AG to comment. I would disagree due to the importance of getting the EMR piece right. Getting this right or wrong is going in determining whether we are closer to 17%  or 50%.

What does everyone else think?


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