Let the discussion begin

Bill Pascal, the Chief Technology Officer for the Canadian Medical Association, published the first in what he plans to be a series of articles on the Canadian eHealth agenda in Health Information Management & Communications Canada – the journal of COACH, the Canadian health informatics association. (5 – Reflections on an Agenda William Pascal).  A number of people provided Bill with input and feedback including me.  We’d like to solicit input on Bill’s thoughts and suggestions and will use this blog as one vehicle to do so.  To stimulate debate we will publish blog posts on various topics related to the Canadian eHealth agenda.  You can contribute by either commenting on these posts or by writing post of your own on which others can comment.  If you are interested in publishing a blog post as a guest author please contact me michael.martineau@rogers.com.

Let the discussion begin!


One response to “Let the discussion begin

  1. Mike, Bill

    We have debated this question numerous times in the past. Every strategy or program should be evaluated from time-to-time to ensure that the strategy remains relevant in a changing environment. In the last month, I have just returned to working in a clinical setting after a break of 2 years. It feels good to get back to clinical work (albeit on a part-time basis), but I realize how much has changed even in such a short time frame. Medications have changed, immunizations have changed, not to mention recommended treatment protocols.

    Healthcare is constantly in a state of change! Expecting that eHealth or EMR related technologies can be defined and then not frequently reviewed and updated just does not make logical sense given the fluidity of the environment.

    Driving the agenda from a rigid government perspective without flexibility to change will result in divergence of strategy in relation to real-world expectations.

    Bring on the change – without strategies to get users adopted, we will not be successful in Canada.

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