Healthcare funding

I just finished reading a good article on the future direction of healthcare services funding in Alberta.

Unlike most of my other posts, this has little to do directly with eHealth.  Healthcare spending policy is an important issue that will have an enormous impact down to road for all things eHealth. Health Minister Liepert made some interesting comments at the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties on Thursday. Looks like Alberta is on the fence about privatizating more of their system. According to the article, Albertans want to make sure health care spending levels are protected and the govt seems to be considering ways to do this. Nothing is set in stone, but the Alberta govt seems to be floating some trial ballon ideas to gauge the public response.

Healthcare spending is consuming a greater percentage of all govt spending every year and it has been outstripping inflation for a long time now. At what point do provinces have to start privatizing more of the system? Assuming Alberta privatizes more, I think all the other provinces will follow their lead….what other choice to do they have if the public demands healthcare service levels and spending remains high?


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