Consumer eHealth holds significant promise

As you may have discovered from reading my blog or my Healthcare Information Management & Communication Canada articles or listening to me present at a conference, I am ardent advocate of consumer eHealth applications.  It seems that  evidence is emerging to support my unabashed promotion of Consumer eHealth.  According to a Government Health IT news item,

research conducted by the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality indicates that “consumer health information technology tools hold ‘significant’ promise for improving outcomes across a variety of diseases and health conditions”.

According to a study published October 22nd,

Available literature suggests that select consumer health informatics applications may effectively engage consumers, enhance traditional clinical interventions, and improve both intermediate and clinical health outcomes”.

Researchers involved in the study recommend exploring the role of Web 2.0 tools, social networking and health gaming technology in health outcomes.


One response to “Consumer eHealth holds significant promise

  1. I suppose we will find out soon enough. What is of interest to me in the Canadian market are the actual services that will be offered. TELUS and MSFT have teamed up to offer consumer health services, but I’m not exactly sure what these are going to be like (how much, what they do, etc).

    I’d like the industry (TELUS, MSFT or others) to show me what is available today, and what it can do for me today. I’m getting a little sick of the hype cycle.


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