UK Tories support Personal Health Records

As they get ready for an upcoming election, the Conservative Party in the UK recently released their “Draft Manifesto 2010, Chapter One, Our Reform Plan for the NHS”.

In keeping with earlier statements regarding personal health records, the Conservative Manifesto promises to “put patients in charge of their own health records, with the ability to choose which providers they share them with.”  If they are elected, the Conservatives have committed to join the Australians in shifting from an EHR-centric architecture to a personal health record based architecture.

In an article regarding the Conservative manifesto, the Tory leader, David Cameron, is quoted as saying “It’s the patient who’ll have the power in our NHS. You’ll be able to check your health records online in the same way you do your bank account.

With two commonwealth countries actively considering a shift to personal health records, how should Canada adjust its eHealth / EHR strategy to accommodate / address personal health records?


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