US eHealth predictions

Health Industry Insights, a market research and consulting firm and a unit of IDC, recently made the following predictions for the year ahead in health IT in the US:

  • Healthcare IT spending will grow slowly this year despite the economic downturn
  • The Obama administration will compel health care cost control and quality improvement.
  • Consumers will make greater use of the Internet to access health information.
  • New products will lead to growth in remote patient monitoring.
  • Payers will continue to invest in information technology to improve efficiency.
  • Investment in business intelligence software will grow rapidly through 2011 with a focus on improving outcomes.
  • Pilot projects of the medical home concept will emerge, but the concept will not be widely adopted this year.
  • I.T. outsourcing will continue to grow.
  • Pharmaceutical companies will do a massive re-evaluation of their software to cut costs.
  • Those participating in clinical trials of drugs will use best-of-breed e-clinical applications.

Which of these predictions will also hold true in Canada?  Are there any predictions that are unique to Canada?


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