Apple targeting healthcare with new “iSlate”

I have been following the Apple “iSlate” rumours with considerable interest.  Ever since I received my first iPod Touch (since replaced with an iPhone) a little over a year ago, I have longed for a similar device with a larger screen.  A long time laptop user (got my first one in 1989), I have always wanted a device about the size of a piece of paper and the thickness of magazine.  Well, it seems that the day is soon going to arrive.

Interestingly, the first users of the new “iSlate” are likely physicians.  According to a FierceMobileHhealthcare article:

Apple has been sending prototypes to doctors at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.  Given the strong appeal of the iPhone among physicians and the similarity in form factor to the tradition medical chart, the choice of healthcare as a target market for this new device isn’t surprising.

I think that the new category of “slate” computers (I use this term to distinguish them from the tablet computers already on the market) will be a huge hit.  The Apple iPhone / iPod Touch has demonstrated market interest in a lightweight,  touchscreen Internet device.  The major limitation of this device, in my view, is screen size and the new “slate” category will address this weakness.


One response to “Apple targeting healthcare with new “iSlate”

  1. The reason why Apple products are so popular with physicians is that the user-experience is tightly controlled and efficient…not to mention it has the Apple brand catchet. I think there is a lesson for others looking to sell to physicians in the Apple success. All you have to do is look at a physician profile to understand; they are alpha males and females who measure their free time in seconds and have little patience (pun not intended) with cludgy or difficult to use products.


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