New Canadian eHealth Conference

The Ontario Chapter of the Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) recently announced a new Canadian eHealth conference, with the inaugural conference scheduled to take place this fall (coincidentally my birthday falls on the opening day of the conference). One reason cited for the conference, according to Bob Mcgregor from Diversified Business Communications Canada (event coordinator),  is the “strong need in southern Ontario for a healthcare even focused on I.T.”

For many years that COACH annual eHealth conference was THE major Canadian eHealth conference.  COACH’s decision to bypass an Ontario venue seems to have frustrated many people and HIMSS Ontario has stepped in to fill the void.   With limited travel and professional development budgets, will many healthcare organizations opt to attend one but not both conferences?  Will the annual COACH conference lose attendees from central Canada?  Do we need two major eHealth conferences in Canada?


“Together with HIMSS, we have identified a strong need in southern Ontario for a healthcare event focused on I.T., said Bob Macgregor, Managing Director of Diversified Business Communications Canada. “And our extensive experience in medical education events will serve the healthcare IT community very well.”

One response to “New Canadian eHealth Conference

  1. I can understand the desire for an Ontario-based event…just add up the hospital budgets and the number of vendors with HQ in Ontario.

    That being said, I don’t think there is room for more than one conference. It is hard enough getting a representative sample of the Canadian healthcare IT community to go to the COACH event. I think there is room for improvement at the COACH event, but there is no need to replace it.


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