Low Cost EMR?

Not a day goes by when there isn’t at least one article or blog post related to the “meaningful use” criteria topic in the US.  Given the level of funding associated with meaningful use this level of interest is not surprising.  In reading one of these many articles (http://www.healthcareitnews.com/news/meaningful-use-criteria-too-high-and-too-many) I came across an interesting quote from Richard Roth, senior director for strategy and business development at Catholic Healthcare West.  According to the Healthcare IT News article

There’s a deep need for a lower-cost EMR in the $30 to $40 per month range, he said. “We’d love to see that level of innovation” coming from health IT vendors, he said.

I have not been able to find any further details on whether the $30 to $40 is per user or per institution but was intrigued by the notion that a lower priced EMR is needed.  What do you think about this concept?  Is it needed?  Is it feasible?


One response to “Low Cost EMR?

  1. This exists already. There a number of open source and even “free” ad-supported EMR products on the market. Based on the quote from Mr. Roth, they obviously need to do some better marketing.


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