Apple’s iSlate – I can’t wait!

The speculation has been building for months about Apple’s impending announcement of a new tablet computer.  Well, the day has arrived when we are expected to hear all the juicy details.   How Apple can generate such free media attention is absolutely astounding!

Ever since I got my iPod Touch (since replaced by my iPhone), I have longed for a larger form factor iPod Touch like device.  The power and simplicity of the iPhone OS and multitouch simply blew me away.  Unless there is something about the new device that really turns me off, you can expect that I’ll be in line to buy one of the new devices.

What does my personal desire for an iSlate have to do with eHealth?  I believe that Apple is going to create a new class of mobile devices that will do well in the health sector.  Given the inherent mobility of most healthcare professionals, I think that this new class of mobile device with its larger screen and light weight will be better suited for many healthcare applications than either a smartphone or a laptop.

I’ll be watching the blogosphere for any and all information related to Apple’s announcement today.   Geez, guess I have turned into a Jobs fan boy 🙂


3 responses to “Apple’s iSlate – I can’t wait!

  1. Amazing what happens when you start using and iPhone or an iPod. You sound like a religious convert. 🙂


  2. I have long avoided paying the “Apple” tax but finally succumbed several years ago when I bought an iPod Shuffle. I had owned several MP3 players prior to the iPod but found the experience totally different with the iPod. I was an indeed a convert!


  3. Converts are always the scariest people to deal with 🙂

    I have an iPod but nothing else from the evil that is Cupertino. I plan on keeping it that way, as my bank balance will thank me.


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