Reflections on the iPad

I have been eagerly following the discussion leading up to and following the iPad annoucement.  I have envisioned just such a device since held my first iPOD Touch (since replaced by an iPhone).  At the time I thought “great device but Iwish that it had a larger screen”.

I think that the iPad is a new category of device meant for people who already have a computer (either desktop or laptop) and a mobile device (smartphone or otherwise) and is looking for a lightweight device for basic functions (email, web browsing, light work processing). The iPad will be what netbook tried to be … an inexpensive, lightweight, light duty computer. It will NOT replace either an iPhone or a laptop and, hence, doesn’t need some of the same functionality.

My plan is to buy a Wi-Fi only iPad and tether to my iPhone when not in Wi-Fi range. I think that Apple will need to think about better integration between iPhone and iPad. I will always carry my iPhone but won’t always take my iPad. Hence, some means of easily sharing data and connections is required.


One response to “Reflections on the iPad

  1. I think the iPad is another clear step in the revolution set about by Apple in the 8os. Mr. Jobs and Co, are always looking at new ways to adapt and simplify technology to fit humans and not the other way around…think of how you dealt with music files before the iPod…now you deal with music and not files.

    The iPad is all about replacing netbooks, but most importantly their User Interface based on a physical keyboard. I’m looking forward to seeing this in action.


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