Increased gov’t funding for eHealth in the US

The Obama administration is requesting additional funds for federal eHealth programs in their current budget submission:

The silence re: additional eHealth funding in Canada is deafening.  The federal gov’t is still sitting on the promised $500M for Infoway though there are signs that it may be released in the spring after the Auditor General’s office releases a report on provincial eHealth programs.  Wouldn’t it be great if this funding could be released prior to the eHealth conference in Vancouver at the end of May?


2 responses to “Increased gov’t funding for eHealth in the US

  1. You just knew I would respond to this one Mike 🙂

    I and many others are not so sure that giving more money to Infoway is the only answer. If you did have another pot of money available (and that is a very big if), then maybe this money should be put aside for local or regional IT initiatives that allow non-acute (EMR and others) systems to connect and share information with each other. I’ve always felt that the value (to end users) of EMRS and other non-acute systems systems are proportional to their ability to connect and exchange patient specific data. Where is the value in automating your own little island, if you can’t allow the patient data to follow the patient as they traverse the system?


    • I think that you are confusing the “how” with the “what”. I still think infoway is a good vehicle for distributing / managing funding. I do agree that the next round of funding should focus on EMRs and local interoperability. Check out the “Beacon Communities” program in the US. An interesting concept for funding local initiatives.


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