Latest Alberta Budget protects Healthcare spending

Ahhh one of my favorite topics…Canadian healthcare spending. I always consider Alberta to be a bit of the `canary in the coalmine`when it comes to healthcare (and conversely healthcare IT) spending. It looks like Alberta is not only protecting healthcare spending, they are increasing it.

Call me cynical, but it may have something to do with demographics and voting patterns. What is of concern to me is that almost every other ministry has to take a haircut so that healthcare spending can increase. Although I do not live in Alberta, what they do is likely to be repeated in other jurisdictions. As a parent with young kids, it concerns me greatly that other services such as education are getting hit badly. Call me Darwinian, but at what point does it make sense for Canada to start to invest more in future taxpayers.

I`m really beginning to pray that investing in healthcare IT starts to pay off, so that the beast known as healthcare spending can be brought under control.


One response to “Latest Alberta Budget protects Healthcare spending

  1. It was not surprising the government of Alberta announced increases to healthcare funding. The PCs need to compete for the centre ground now that they have right-wing competition from the Wildrose Alliance.

    I think you got it right by mentioning demographics playing a key factor in the budget decisions. I also think we will see increases across Canada in healthcare spending in the years to come.

    Of the $15 billion dollars allocated to Health and Wellness in Alberta only $30 million is dedicated to IT infrastructure upgrades. This has been fairly standard for the past few years. Given the benefits for physicians I think it is money well spent – not only does it decrease time spent organizing a triple-papered filing system but it also provides a better quality of care for patients using the system because of the ability to communicate between facilities and specialists in real time.

    Too bad funding for post-secondary faces cutbacks — it would be nice to train some IT professionals in our own backyard that would be able to run the ever-increasing complexity of the healthcare system.

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