Government’s role in promoting HIT

As you may have noticed I have been closely following HIT developments in the US.  One simple reason is that there seems to be more activity and interest in HIT in the US than in Canada.  Also, despite the differences in the two healthcare systems, I believe that there are lessons to be learned from what is going on in the US.

This morning I read about a presentation delivered by Vish Sankaran, Director for the Federal Health Architecture Program at the Health Stimulus Exchange Roadshow in Boston.

Commenting on the government’s role in promoting HIT use and adoption, Mr. Sankran noted that “We don’t want the  government to be in this business forever.”  According to the article, Mr. Sankran believes that the aim is “for government to “raise the bar, tip the market,” and then engage with the private sector to help bring the healthcare IT industry to full flower.”

What is your view on the role of federal and provincial governments in promoting use and adoption of IT?  What is the role of the private sector including vendors?


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