Healthcare and “Lean” Approaches to Process Streamlining

I am information junkie.   Every morning I scan the various public procurement services (such as MERX or Biddingo) and download healthcare IT related RFPs.  These RFPs are a wealth of information on current IT environment as well as plans and priorities.  I have noted an increasing number of RFPs related to implementation of “Lean” methodologies to identify and streamline process bottlenecks in order to achieve greater efficiencies.  Given the attention that healthcare organizations appear to be paying to “Lean” methodologies, I thought it useful to point out a recent report from McKinsey:

which concludes that “Companies are learning that lean and IT are complementary in the effort to streamline, standardize, and integrate process improvements. Because IT can help not only to coordinate program deliverables but also to spot opportunities to lower costs and boost innovation, CIOs are often well placed to lead the joint effort.”  Since most process improvement initiatives can benefit from the judicious application of IT, involving the IT organization is “Lean” initiatives appears to have significant benefit.


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