Deltaware has been sold

Reminds me of the song another one bites the dust…but in a good way. Congrats to the shareholders of the company.

Deltaware may not have been one of the largest Canadian healthcare IT companies, but they did have some traction in the market.

I wonder who is going to be next?


One response to “Deltaware has been sold

  1. Deltaware is a good example of the type of company that I think makes a good acquisition target. To start, the founders are at an age where cashing out in on their minds. Second, they have a strong local presence and moderate success outside their home market. Acquisition provides both the cash and the presence in new markets to fuel growth and offers the founders a good opportunity to realize a return on their many years of investment.

    I’m still waiting for one of the larger players to be acquired. Meditech, anyone?


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