BC Auditor General’s Report on Electronic Health Records

Just picked up the BC Auditor General’s report on Electronic Health Record Implementation in that province.


The Executive Summary notes that while Ministry of Health Services has been quick to react to issues identified by the AG’s team, “development of the EHR system is only the beginning; significant implementation challenges remain”.  The AG notes that “determining how the province-wide EHR will be integrated with regional health records, and implemented in private offices of physicians, has not been determined”.   The AG commits to “following-up with the Ministry of Health Service every six months until the EHR is implemented”.


One response to “BC Auditor General’s Report on Electronic Health Records

  1. I have been reading the AG report, and it is rather critical of the Ministry in a number of areas, least of which are cost overruns and oversight. I think this has to be put into context. The majority of large IT projects, with multiple conflicting stakeholders, huge dollars and lack of oversight tend to miss deadlines.

    You get what you pay for when you run a top-down project without complete public engagement/transparency.


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