EPIC – Community Engagement in Ontario

Following up on early post regarding LHIN use of social media, I was intrigued by the following item in the Ontario Hospital Assoication’s most Executive Report:

To address the growing expectation for accountability and transparency across the sector, the OHA, along with a number of partners in health care, has produced a unique “one-stop shop” approach to community engagement that supports both health service providers and Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) with new or existing community engagement strategies.
“Engaging People. Improving Care.” – or EPIC – has been developed as an easy-to-use website that includes over 60
useful community engagement resources. The first website of its kind in Ontario, EPIC allows users to search and tailor community engagement tools and resources specific to their needs, covering topics such as why community engagement is important, key steps to planning, and ways to evaluate the effectiveness of strategies. For further information, contact Sundeep Sodhi at 416-205-1307 or ssodhi@oha.com, or visit http://www.epicontario.ca.

I spent a few minutes scanning the EPIC web site.   I was surprised to find no apparent information related to use of social media or other Internet-based tools for community engagement.  Perhaps this information is contained in one of the many reference documents cited on the web site or I missed in my quick scan.  If there is no such resource then I suggest that the site authors seriously consider adding information about how to use social media as part of a community engagement initiative.  While technology is not the “magic bullet” to making community engagement work, it is certainly a powerful tool, one that is still relatively and for which guidance on best use is particular useful.


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