Wait Lists – There is app for that!

The Hospital of Central Connecticut has launched a free iPhone application that provides information regarding the wait times in their emergency rooms.


The iPhone app complements an existing wait time application on the hospital’s web site.  The articles note that “Doctors say the system works in two ways, giving patients a sense of what to expect – or a nudge to visit the location with the shorter wait”.

So, when can I expect to find the Ontario equivalent in the iTunes application store?


2 responses to “Wait Lists – There is app for that!

  1. So now your iPhone can tell you that you have to wait weeks at a time instead of a person.

    Ain’t technology great 🙂


  2. Ah, geez, Mark woke up in the wrong side of the bed again. While an iPhone app isn’t going to solve the wait list problem on its own, I bet that it will change behaviour with regard to if and, more importantly, when people head to emergency. If a hospital already has a system in place to track wait list times in real time then adding a public facing application (web, mobile phone, etc) is a very minor investment that I am willing to bet generates near immediate returns.

    Come on, Mark, shed your cynicism and start thinking about how we can creatively use IT to help address healthcare challenges. I know that you can come up with some brilliant (as well as some hair brained) ideas. Lets start hearing a few more of them.


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