What are LHIN boards discussing?

Earlier this year I discovered that many LHINs are publishing information related to board meetings.  For example, check out http://www.southwestlhin.on.ca/Page.aspx?id=280 and http://www.southeastlhin.on.ca/boardmeeting.aspx?id=280.

Interestingly, these two LHINs offer vastly different levels of detail regarding board discussions. The South East LHIN, for example, publishes documents related to the business arising at each board meeting in addition to detailed board minutes.  As an example, minutes from the Finance Committee are included.  Minutes from the Jan 11th Finance Committee  meeting indicated that the LHIN received a a 2% increase ($92,000) for the 2009/2010. The South West LHIN, on the other hand, only provides a summary of board discussions.

I encourage people to check out the Board of Directors section of their local LHIN website.  A list of all LHIN web sites can be found at http://www.lhins.on.ca


2 responses to “What are LHIN boards discussing?

  1. LHIN Board meetings are open to the public – this is an opportunity for the public to learn more about how decisions are being made about health services in their communities! In regard to the level of detail on the agendas, the South East LHIN is a leader among us — and the South West is also moving in that direction shortly. Improved communication flow is important. Health care is a public service paid for by public dollars.

  2. Julie, thanks for reminding me that LHIN board meetings are open to the public. That said, posting information about board meetings on line is important because:

    – Not everyone can make a board meeting. Many LHINs cover large geographic areas.

    – Not every topic is worth attending a board meeting in person. Knowing what topics are going to be discussed in advances allows people to decide whether they want to attend and be well prepared to offer comments.

    Speaking of using technology to address time / geographic barriers, have you given any consideration to web casting the board meetings? The technology is quite inexpensive and an audio only version would be useful.


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