Ontario Information Security Guidelines

Although it may not be a big deal in the grand scheme of things, I think that given the beating that eHealth Ontario has taken in the press every little advance should also be celebrated. Hence, I’d like to recognize that  eHealth Ontario announced this week the online availability of The Guide to Information Security for the Health Care Sector


Several years in the making (I have heard that development started under the old SSHA regime), the guide “is designed specifically to assist complex organizations such as hospitals and regional care centres develop a security program adaptable to their local needs.”


One response to “Ontario Information Security Guidelines

  1. Now that is something I can get behind. I’ve always felt that “security through obscurity” was one of the dumbest ideas in the world…cough MSFT cough…

    I’m glad to see that this is going to be available to any and all, and will hopefully allow some of these healthcare organizations to improve upon their security programs.

    I’m not used to being cheerful about anything eHealth, but I can get behind this idea. I must have hit my head when I got up this morning.


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