HIMSS Highlights

Although I did not attend HIMSS in person this year I have been actively  following the event on twitter, blogs, and various video sites.  Based on what I have read and heard, I think that the following summary of the key themes emerging from HIMSS neatly sums things up:


Dr. Halamka is highly respected in the US healthcare IT and medical community. He plays an active role in the meaningful use debate as Chair of the US Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP).  Of particular note in Dr. Halamka’s summar:

  • “Cloud computing, Software as a Service and ASP models are popular tactics to accelerate EHR rollouts”
  • “Self service kiosks for patient identification and self-registration are now mainstream. Just as we print our airline boarding passes, we can now use credit cards or biometrics to check into ambulatory care appointments and automatically settle all co-pay balances.”
  • “PHRs and patient engagement are becoming more mainstream. Google and Microsoft continue to innovate in the non-tethered PHR marketplace.”

Based on what I read and heard, there was quite the buzz at HIMSS this year.   I only wish that we could generate the same level of enthusiasm for healthcare IT (see, I’m saying eHealth less and less) in Canada.  *sigh*


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