New entrants to physician IT (EMR/EHR) market

As an independent consultant I have three main areas of interest from a technology perspective:  eHealth, mobility, and social media, with a particular interest in how they intersect.  In my work for various clients I have run across Epocrates ( several times.  They are best known for the mobile handheld drug guide (intersection of eHealth and mobility).  I was intrigued to see their recent announcement that they are entering the EMR (for Canadian readers) / EHR (for American readers) market:

According to ePocrates CEO, Ross Crane:

“This was a logical next step for Epocrates. Our understanding of how physicians work and what they need at the point of care is the foundation of our success. We owe it to our loyal physician subscribers to create an EHR solution that will work smoothly within their practices and allow them to continue caring for patients.”

While the EMR/EHR market may appear to be overcrowded, I expect that there will still be new entrants who leverage existing relationships, focus on a particular aspect of the market, offer a new approach, or introduce a new business model.


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