COACH eHealth conference back in Toronto in 2011

Earlier this year I posted about a new eHealth conference that will take place in Toronto this fall:

I noted that “COACH’s decision to bypass an Ontario venue seems to have frustrated many people and HIMSS Ontario has stepped in to fill the void.”  Well, it appears that COACH has responded, though few details are available.  In fact, the only notice that I can find about this decision is a Twitter posting.

So, two eHealth conferences in Toronto in the space of a little more than 6 months.


2 responses to “COACH eHealth conference back in Toronto in 2011

  1. I can kinda see both sides on this issue. I have been to many of the COACH eHealth events over the years. Like any conference there is plenty of gripping from the vendors…some warranted and some not. If I’m one of the many large multinational eHealth vendors with HQ in Toronto, I’d be less than happy about always having to travel to Quebec or Vancouver every year. The reality is (from a vendor perspective) the majority of Canadian app/service/hardware market share is owned by firms with their HQ in Toronto. If they are paying the majority of the bills, then you have to listen to them.

    I love competition, but to be honest the market is too small for two of these kind of shows. Next year COACH may want to think about moving this to TO on a semi-regular basis.


  2. coach ehealth conference 2011 toronto may take up topic related to crisis in ehealth delivery in south east asia (india and china)

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