Ontario eReferral standard

eHealth Ontario has recently issued a draft standard for eReferrals and is inviting public comment for a three week period starting this week.


A introductory call will take place this Wednesday (March 24th)  from 10am to noon.   While the standards process may not be the most exciting (some days it ranks right up there with watching paint dry or grass grow), I do encourage anyone developing software for the health sector to participate in the public input process.  These standards belong to everyone and we should make sure that our voices are heard.

On a related note, it isn’t clear to me why we have an Ontario standard for eReferrals and not a Canadian standard.  Do we really need 10 different eReferral standards?


One response to “Ontario eReferral standard

  1. Ahhh the eHealth standards process in Canada. About as much fun as it sounds.

    I could not agree more with your last comment about an Ontario vs Canada standard. I just wonder how much of this is because we have a federated healthcare model, and how much is due to the endless empire building we seem to see at a provincial/regional level.

    I’m sure I’ll get flack for my last comment, but I’d welcome an informed debate on the matter.


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