One Patient, One Record – Dr. Danny Sands

Keynote speaker is Dr. Danny Sands, senior medical informatics director for Cisco.  Dr. Sands spent 13 years at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston and still sees patients today to keep him, as he says, “grounded in the real world”.

Highlights from Dr. Sands’ presentation:

  • Interacts electronically with patients. Encourages patients to create and send an agenda for their appointment.
  • Shared the story of a patient who many of know as ePatientDave
  • Lessons learned from ePatientDave experience include:
    • The nature of the patient / physician relationship is changing
      • Move from information asymmetry to information symmetry.
      • Move from paternalism to participation
      • Move from “Patient – physician” paradigm to “consumer – provider” paradigm
    • Patients are an untapped resource – no one know their body better than the patient
    • Make the patient encounter more productive and useful
  • Danny talked about “infoage” healthcare.  Shift from focusing primarily on “primary, secondary, and tertiary care” to encourage increased attention on “self-care” which includes:
    • Individual self care
    • Friends/families involvement
    • Use of self-help networks
  • Danny offered the following conclusions
    • Physicians must learn how get patients engaged
    • Patients must learn to play a more participatory role
    • Both parties must embrace info symmetry
    • Connected technology empowers patients, providers, and healthcare organizations


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