One Patient, One Record – Dr. Vaughan Glover

A dentist by profession, Dr. Vaughan Glover is a founding member and president of the Canadian Association for People-Centred Health, a non-partisan, independent, not-for-profit organization providing leadership in the evolution to people-centred health.  Highlights of his presentation (The Leadership Challenges of Evolving to a “People-Centred Health System”) include:

  • Leadership problem – health policy driven by what wins the next election, not what people and providers think is needed
  • Move from fixing to helping each person in our lives to be all he or she is capable of being
  • Transfer of the “book of health information” from provider and student to the people represents the greatest paradigm shift in health information and power in the history of mankind
  • No single health system in Canada – 33M health systems in Canada!
  • Current Canadian system – designed to address preventable / treatable illnesses.  Don’t have a “health” system but an “illness” system.
  • Each person manages and is responsible for their personal health and well-being
  • What is health?  A personally defined balance of mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being
  • Purpose of the health system – support the health of the people
  • Principles of people-centred health:
    • Personal responsibility
    • Autonomy
    • Informed health management
    • Partnerships
  • People-Centred working model (concentric model, starting at centre and working out)
    • informed person
    • coach
    • support groups (including but limited to providers)
    • management and legislation
  • CAPCH Projects to support One Patient One Record
    • CAPCH Research Collaboratives: Academic, provider, political, patient, technology, industry, educational
    • North York Research and Innovation Centre
    • Jane-Finch diabetes remote monitoring
    • Healthy Community Projects


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