New eHealth Ontario CEO outlines his plans and priorities

Both Mark and I have written in the past about the need for eHealth Ontario to better communicate with its stakeholders:

I am pleased to see that immediately after his formal appointment as the new eHealth Ontario CEO Robert Reed is talking to the press.  I understand that he was interviewed by CBC (I have yet to listen to the interview) and there was a short article quoting Mr. Reed on the 680 News web site:–greg-reed-new-ceo-of-ehealth-ontario

Next step, I respectfully suggest, Mr. Reed,  is to open a two way dialog with the public.  I encourage Mr. Reed to explore social media tools and techniques.  The Office of the National Coordinator of Health IT in the U.S. offers some examples of how these tools might be used as do some of the Ontario LHINs (e.g. South West LHIN’s use of twitter).   Whatever tools you choose to use, I encourage Mr. Reed and the eHealth Ontario board to be as open and transparent as possible about their plans and priorities and to seek input whenever possible from as many people as possible.


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