Importance of transparency in HIT discussions

The US gov’t is investing heavily in Health IT as part of a larger economic stimulus package.  As noted in a recemt Federal News Radio article, a hallmark of the U.S. HIT spending initiative is an open and transparent process that seeks to engage all stakeholders. Brian Ahier, a prolific twitter and blogger, notes in the article that “the ONC has been really engaged with the health care community, soliciting comments and responding to people’s questions” and “We have to have interoperability, so we have to pull together a collaborative effort, and in order to do that, it’s going to take transparency.”

Are Canadian eHealth agencies such Infoway, Manitoba eHealth, and eHealth Ontario taking note of the U.S. approach? Will we drr more openness and transparency in the way they engage the various stakeholder communities?  I hope that Dr. Blumenthal talks about the U.S. approach when he speaks to the eHealth 2010 delegates in Vancouver later this month.


One response to “Importance of transparency in HIT discussions

  1. I most heartily agree with Brian Ahier on the need for transparency to solve interop challenges. The jury is still out on Canadian equivalents of the ONC.

    Six months ago I would have said the various Canadian eHealth were genetically incapable of transparency. This has nothing to do with healthcare and everything to do with the DNA of all Canadian government and quasi-government organizations. I’ve seen how government works from the inside, and transparency is equated with risk taking…a major no-no.

    The recent adoption of twitter by some Ontario LHINs gives me hope. A good first step towards transparency.


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