HIT Adoption as a Performance Indicator

The OHA Board recently identified the strategic performance indicators for its new 2010-2013 strategic plan.  Of particular note, “Health Information Technology Adoption” was selected as one of the performance indicators.  The complete list of indicators includes:

  • Number of Alternate Level of Care (ALC) Patients
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Staff Engagement
  • Patient Safety Composite
  • Adoption of Governance Leading Practices
  • Wait Times Composite
  • Health Information Technology Adoption
  • Cost per Capita

According to the OHA, the next steps with respect to use of these indicators include “a review of the eight indicators by selected industry experts and development of definitions, baselines and targets”.   I do hope that the Health IT industry has a role to plan in refining the indicator related to Health Information Technology Adoption.  ITAC Health, do you have a position on this matter?


One response to “HIT Adoption as a Performance Indicator

  1. Suzanne Craig

    This is an interesting move on their part. I would be interested in better understanding how they define and measure ‘successful adoption’. My guess is that it will a mechanistic approach to technology adoption – measuring the number of staff who know how to open particular applications, enter patient data, or find it to be a good task-technology fit.

    Perhaps one day successful adoption will be defined as the point where the clinicians say they cannot imagine delivering care without it, and have redefined what the technology means to them and how they use it in day-to-day work and social processes. That is when they have truly embraced the technology as their own, not merely ‘adopted’ to some executive’s or designer’s idea of how it should be used.

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